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広がれ虹のWA! 虹ヶ咲学園スクールアイドル同好会テーマ別活動・グローバル交流チーム 第8弾の投稿をご紹介♪

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Johnson Christian
In the summer vacation, I will spend my time watching animes, watching live motorsports races, and so many other things.
I have had embarked on a two week journey around Java Island two months ago, and it was fun. So many unique cities and spots.


Lanzhu Zhong

You have a lot on your mind!  Lanzhu also have a lot of fun things Lanzhu want to do for this summer!  Let me know what was the most fun after the summer.


Jenniはる | みはる
The best part of summer is going to the beach!
Drinking a coconut while relaxing on a hammock under the sun.


Mia Taylor

It’s fun to do all kinds of things, but to spend the time relaxing is a luxury and wonderful.
I enjoyed my time relaxing on a hammock too!


I often take a walk in the evening to keep fit. In summer, I can see fireworks from a nearby theme park over the mountains. Its lights and sounds give fun to the exercise time that tends to be boring. It’s a small thing, but I can feel that it’s summer vacation!


Emma Verde

It’s nice in the evening, when it’s a bit cooler. It must be awesome to see fireworks during your walk, you’re lucky!


I look forward to the hot summer days where I go outside and take in the heat and listen to some music. I can go back inside later to turn on my fan and eat watermelon and drink lemonade. Just lazing about on a summer day is the perfect way to go for me.


Lanzhu Zhong

“Just lazing about”, that’s something new for Lanzhu!
It has been a busy summer doing all the things Lanzhu wanted to do so far, but maybe Lanzhu should try to laze about a bit too.


Brenda Josselyn ブレンダ・ジョセリン
In these summer vacations I will listen to the songs of Nijigaku, besides playing soccer and going out with my friends and my family, studying hard to enter my next semester of high school with the best, playing video games, practicing drawing more.


Mia Taylor

Learn well and play well. Both are equally important.
I’m sure what you do for the summer will help you in the near future.


T28 is タツヤ
Last few years, I haven’t watch fireworks, so this is the year I do it! It seems to be held a fireworks festival in Numazu in this year! I can’t wait!!!


Emma Verde

Just hearing the sound of fireworks going off is fun and exciting!
I can’t wait to go see the fireworks festival myself!


This summer I can’t wait to go to theme parks and ride lots of huge roller coasters and rides!


Lanzhu Zhong

Oh Lanzhu can relate to that feeling!
Lanzhu want to experience all the rides when Lanzhu go to a theme park!


What I’m looking forward to over the summer is presenting my first PhD research at graduate school, interning at a one of the best famous social networking company in U.S and, incidentally, doing some sightseeing in the U.S!


Mia Taylor

Your summer is going to be a challenging one. Must be hard, but I think it will be filled with lots of exciting learning experiences. Enjoy your summer in the states.


Yatni-El Gordian
Summer is the best season for watermelon, shaved ice, ichigo parfait and “moe moe kyun” ala maid…


Emma Verde

It’s true, there’s so many delicious things to eat during the summer!
You made me want to eat some watermelon too!


I’m looking forward to eating watermelon in summer.
Since I like succulent and delicious watermelon with the crispy texture and the sweetness.


Lanzhu Zhong

Ah, a summer tradition!
Every summer, Lanzhu get the urge to eat watermelon at least once too!











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